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Model of Midwifery Practice

The midwifery model of practice as developed in British Columbia is autonomous, community-based primary care. It incorporates the principles of continuity of care, informed consumer choice, choice of birth setting, collaborative care, accountability and evidence-based practice. Together with the Philosophy of Midwifery Care and the Code of Ethics, these fundamental principles define the midwifery model of practice.

Community-based Practice

Midwives are primary caregivers in autonomous practice within their communities. Midwives must acquire admitting and discharge privileges at hospital maternity units and, where available, birth centers, enabling them to provide care in all settings. Midwives will deliver their services within small group practices, enabling them to share call while providing 24-hour availability to their clients. Antenatal care may be provided in midwifery clinics, offices, or women's homes. Midwifery care for labour, birth and early postpartum will be provided in a setting chosen by the woman. Midwifery care during the early postpartum period, for most women and their newborns, is generally best provided in the home.

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