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After almost 50 years of serving the community through an innovative collaboration, Credit Valley Eye Care, Osler Eye Care, and GoEyeCare united under one name. As of December 2015, we are Prism Eye Institute: the same doctors and locations you know and trust, but offering new services, procedures and technologies. As Prism, we continue to focus on the best patient experience and best practices in the eye care spectrum. We have united our team of 21 doctors under one banner which represents our strengths and our commitment to serving your needs. That commitment has four pillars: 1. Advanced Eye Care: achieved by adopting new technologies and techniques. We provide the highest level of care for eye diseases both simple and complex. 2. Navigation of your patients: through the appropriate care at our clinics and back to your offi2ce. 3. Collaborative Network: we believe in strong communication and an enduring partnerships with you. 4. Education and Research: we strive to better the eye care world through education and research All the Ophthalmologists are in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Canadian Ophthalmology Association

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