>A mountain bike, as its name suggests, is designed to take on the roughest and toughest terrain, even on a slope. Sturdy and resilient, this type of bike is the ideal choice for cyclists who like to explore off the beaten track.

Road Bikes
Are you looking for a versatile bike that'll get you across town and through those potholes? Do you want the ideal bike for getting to work, doing your errands and taking advantage of all the bike paths Quebec has to offer? Then you need a city bike or a touring bike.

Performance Bikes
Some people just get on a bike. Others, perhaps like you, proudly mount their steed on two wheels and head out to face the world. At Primeau, we like to think every outing on your bike is a race against time, or a sprint on the way to the summit, or a dash towards the finish line. The performance bike is specially designed with state-of-the-art technology to let you stay ahead of the pack. Well ahead.

Kids Bikes
Kids' bikes take a real beating. They have to be durable and they have to be adapted to kids' needs. Tough, versatile, safe and colourful: these are some of the qualities you'll be looking for in a bike for the tyke.

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