Precept is a seminar training company dedicated to your professional and personal development. Through our interactive, highly experiential seminars and information products, you will have everything you need to achieve the next level in your own development.

Our business model is structured to accomodate both individuals and businesses.


List of Seminars


Interpersonal Relationships

Communication Excellence

Fundamentals of Negotiation

Learning to Resolve Conflict and Fostering a Cooperative Atmosphere

The Principles of Sound
Junior Leadership

Your Frontline Employees: The Key to Fanatical Retail Customer Loyalty

Building Strong, Dynamic Teams

Making the Right First Impression

Building and Maintaining Strong Relationships

Choosing and Creating an Environment That Brings Out the Best in You

Increase Your Personal Influence

Personal Empowerment

The Intoxicating Influence of Negative Emotions

The Impact of Beliefs on Your Future

Free Yourself from Limiting Patterns

Turn Criticism into a Lever for Change

Respect and Responsibility

Putting Yourself First

The Imperfect Perfectionist

Reducing Dissonance and Creating Flow

Identifying and Handling Defense Mechanisms

Elevate Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

The Influence of Your Attitude
and Mood on Your Life’s Results

Reduce Fear, Increase Confidence

The Influence of Risk Tolerance
on Decision-Making

Dealing with Loss, Grief and Letting Go

Setting Boundaries: Learning to Say "No!"

Insights on Substance Abuse
and Getting Help

Self-Awareness - Your Greatest Influence

Develop Positive Thinking and Talking

Lessening and Eliminating Depression

Reduce and Eliminate Emotional Pain

Personal Growth

Setting and Achieving Personal and Professional Objectives

Develop a Creative Approach to Problem-Solving and Possibility Thinking

Learn to Make Permanent Change

Finding Freedom from Emotional Dependence

Develop Focused Attention

Increase Productivity by Learning to Relax

Discover the Power of Greater Empathy

Eliminate Procrastination and Increase Self-Discipline

Increase the Power of Your Memory

Be Your Best With a Good Night's

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