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POSAITIVE LIFE is about inspiring people to nourish themselves by creating & living in a posaitive experience every moment!!

How is it unique? Posaitive Life specializes in comprehensive lifestyle and weight management plans that blend balanced nutrition and activity with emotional empowerment and lifestyle education – designed to achieve optimum health and well-being So you not only lose all your excess weight from fat, but keep it off long term along side muscle gain that re-aligns your blood parameters and hormones!

How does it get you there? Posaitive Lifestyle solutions help shape your body, empower your mind, and heal your psyche by gently walking you into unlearning, re-training, guidance and inspiration through all of your health and fitness goals – to reach a point of balance, a state of harmony.

Why does it work? Posaitive Life designs customized meal, menu and diets incorporating ethnic preferences (punjabi / south asian / east indian etc) to ensure weight loss is achieved without having to give up on one's food choices. With structured flexibility and followups designed into the core plan, it helps build accountability and supports lifestyle and behaviour modification with motivational counseling, coaching and there’s more...

A healthy lifestyle is easier to embrace and more exciting than you think. Find out how she could help you get started on to a Posaitive Lifestyle. visit http://www.posaitive.com/#!weight-loss/c1lf0. After all, all you got to lose is fat !

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