Point Grey Wellness Clinic
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At Point Grey Wellness Clinic, naturopathic philosophy is the basis for our naturopathic practice. We offer many naturopathic health services, including:

    * Diet and lifestyle counseling
    * Nutritional Supplements
    * Acupuncture
    * Chelation Therapy
    * Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
    * Botanical/Herbal Medicine
    * Prolotherapy
    * Traditional Chinese Medicine
    * Homeopathy
    * Homotoxicology – Drainage and Detoxification
    * Allergy Scratch Testing
    * Infrared Sauna
    * Glutathione Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
    * Bowen Therapy
    * Mesotherapy
Dr. Irene Karatzas is featured in a number of Health Choices videos on naturopathic health. Watch Dr. Karatzas videos on topics such as chelation therapy, intravenous therapy, women's health and naturopathy and lab testing.

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