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Pilates (pronounced pih-law-teez) is a physical training technique that teaches the muscles to move the bones in the most efficient way. The work is effective for rehabilitation, postural problems, and overall fitness. Pilates is normally done on specialized equipment and/or mats against the resistance of springs and/or the weight of ones own body.

As a fitness program it is a whole body workout that develops long lean toned muscles and full range of motion. The gained strength, flexibility, alignment, muscle balance and physical awareness that follows a Pilates program can help prevent future risks of injury while performing other types of physical activity. Pilates has long been used by professional athletes because it refines strength, balance and coordination. Its ability to produce lithe and lean physiques has made Pilates popular in the dance and entertainment communities as well. Now many people are finding that this uniquely integrated and time-tested exercise system helps address the needs of their modern life-style. By focusing on experiencing movement from the inside out, Pilates conditioning deepens breathing, releases tension and increases whole body awareness.

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