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OralAdvance™ – Vancouver oral cancer screening

OralAdvance™ is the first quantitative cytology test for early detection of oral cancer. There have been recent advances in visualization techniques for the oral cavity, allowing dentists to encounter lesions of for diagnostic biopsy. OralAdvance™ has a cyto-brush sample collection kit to allow dentists a new option to assess suspicious lesions.

LungSign™ – Vancouver lung cancer risk assessment

LungSign™ is the first test to market that offers a virtually painless, convenient and safe method of assessing the risk of lung cancer in a patient. The LungSign™ is based on an automated quantitative cytology analysis of sputum. LungSign™ also serves as a useful and highly relevant complement to radiological diagnostic methods.

Other Vancouver private lab services Perceptronix Medical Inc offers include oncologic pathology, dermatopathology, oral pathology, urological pathology, gynecological pathology, breast pathology, cytopathology, gasterointestinal pathology, and pathology consultations.

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