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At the Pediatric Obesity Clinic (POC), we’re committed to helping overweight children and youth make lifestyle changes that lead to a healthy, positive future that includes, but is not solely focused on, weight loss and weight management.

By understanding the behaviors and habits that lead to being overweight, we can tailor our program to meet each child/youth’s needs. We take the individual issues (“pieces”) related to weight management (psychological, medical, nutritional, physical, and family) and bring them together to work towards long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Each child/youth and family receives psychological therapy along with education about nutrition and physical activity. They are monitored throughout the treatment program by the Clinic’s pediatrician to track and manage their progress. They are given the tools to think in new ways about their lifestyle and how to put those tools into action.


Through the knowledge, expertise and commitment of the personnel, the Pediatric Obesity Clinic (POC) will be a centre of excellence in the delivery of family oriented, multidisciplinary, and personalized care for the treatment of childhood obesity.


To provide an environment for the treatment of all aspects of childhood obesity to facilitate long-term results for each child.

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