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 VO2max Testing              

A VO2max test is our method of measuring your body's specific response to exercise - it is a snapshot of your current fitness level. This assessment is done via the CompuTrainer and your bike, or on one of our treadmills and will provide us with an accurate blood lactate analysis. After thorough analysis of the assessment information, the Peak Centre exercise physiologists can precisely determine an athletes individual aerobic training zones. These zones can then be used to prescribe training sessions geared towards improving a specific aspect of performance.

Altitude Training

Bike Fitting       

If your position on your bike is right, you will be able to ride longer without feeling uncomfortable, turn fast without fear, go downhill with improved stability and increase your energy output and pedalling efficiency.

We combine the latest technologies in measurement and over 40 years of experience. We use a combination of your morphologic profile, and Spinscan from CompuTrainer to calculate your power capabilities, heartrate and spinning cadence to perfect your position.

Mission Possible - Weight Loss Program       

Advanced exercise science and technology can help you lose weight permanently by dramatically increasing your body's ability to burn fat and build muscle. Two of North America's most respected and successful sports science organizations have joined forces to offer a proven, high-tech program that has achieved this result for over 10 years. You can reverse decades of steady weight gains that often leave a person 30 to 40 or more lbs overweight. Greatly improved fitness accompanies the fat/weight loss - to the point that the program often acts as a springboard to other athletic activities. Associated benefits from this program include markedly lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, improved hormonal balance, and reduced food cravings.

Sports Nutrition       

To help increase your performance, and maintain an optimal and healthy lifestyle, nutrition is a key to your futures success. In order to perform at your best, and maintain your optimum health, it's important to have a balanced and diversified diet.

Training Camps & Clinics

If you're looking for new challenges, and want to ride during the winter season ready to start the 2009 season with a good foundation, Europrocycling is here to help you! Whatever your level, our team will help you increase your bike strength and discover beautiful regions at the same time.


At Peak, we use CompuTrainer - the most accurate ergometer on the market. With the CompuTrainer system, we can measure exactly what level of resistance athletes are pushing. Following a VO2Max evaluation, we can meticulously analyse the results of your test and then determine exactly what the limits of your aerobic system and training zones are. Since it's introduction on the market, the CompuTrainer has always been the favorite training tool for cyclists and triathletes who wish to 'get there faster'! Thanks to its many applications, the CompuTrainer can be used to simulate real life courses, teach you to pedal more efficiently, and work to improve your bike fitness.

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