Oresta Organic Skin Care Confectionery
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Featuring the ever-popular Eminence Organic skin care line, our facial treatments are individually customized to your skin type and are modified as your skin changes with the seasons. The treatments feature handmade, organically grown herb, fruit and vegetable-based skin care products free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colours.
All of our facial treatments include an eyebrow clean-up as well as arm, shoulder, decollete and foot massage.

Succulent Skin Brightener (110 min $145)
Lighten pigmentation, heal scarring and even out skin tone with Eminence’s best-selling stone crop line. The addition of LED light therapy will further stimulate the absorption of product and add an extra boost to the brightening qualities.

Skin Immunity Booster (90 min $105)
Reap the benefits of anti-oxidant rich red, green, and white teas with tropical fruits in this east meets west facial. Vitamin C rich mandarin, guava and lime will further stimulate cell renewal, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Hormonal Madness (90 min $105)
A must for hormonal skin of all ages! This antioxidant lemon & lime cocktail with algae and natural plant estrogens stimulate collagen to firm and hydrate while normalizing hormonal breakouts.

Chocolate Decadence (90 min $105)
A truly unique fat-free and no-calorie facial that will soften, tone and hydrate your skin. Enjoy organic cocoa blended with rosehip and sweet red rose.

Post-Sun Recovery Facial (90 min $105)
Perfect for regenerating sun drenched skin. Calendula, hibiscus and aloe will gently soothe and re-hydrate the skin. Note: For especially irritated skin, exfoliation may be bypassed.

Purifying Grapefruit Facial (90 min $105)
Enjoy the soothing and clarifying effects of vitamin C rich pink grapefruit and kaolin clay to refine and draw out impurities that cause breakouts. Anti-bacterial zinc and hungarian herbs will kill bacteria and help to control acne and excess oil.

Men’s Rejuvenating Facial (90 min, $105)
Did you know that men’s skin is tougher, has less pores, and yet produces more oil than women’s skin? With these differences in mind, deep cleansing citrus and hydrating Stone Crop greens are employed to give that extra boost that men's skin needs.

Teen’s Express Purifying Facial (75 min, $80)
Tailored for the special needs of acne prone teen skin. Stimulating paprika and purifying tomato, zinc, and kaolin clay will help to clear breakouts and prevent future ones.

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