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The Omega smoking cessation program

The Program consists of *Counselling, *Laser Treatment, *Vitamin therapy and Back up Support.

Combine this procedure with a true "Desire to Stop" and you're on the road to success and getting rid of smoking.
It's not unusual for people to change their lifestyles after they see improvements in their general health & fitness very early on. In fact, your body can improve from the moment you stop smoking.

Medical reports have shown that smokers have a higher level of "endorphins." These are the body's natural calming and stimulating chemicals which are triggered by the intake of cigarette smoke. These are the least harmful effects from smoking. It's the many other toxic, caustic, carcinogins and chemicals a smoker intakes that are particularly deadly.

When you stop smoking, the sudden drop in endorphins is the main reason for the craving effect.

L.L.L.T. (Low Level Laser Therapy) used on acupuncture points, helps to stimulate and maintain the body's natural mechanism to balance the endorphin levels. It is completely safe, painless and even relaxing, using Laser pure light energy.

Laser light is providing a success in many other forms of therapy as well as addictions, e.g. Physiotherapy, Sports injuries, "Problem" tissue healing, as well as a brilliant tool in Acupuncture.

Be a Non-Smoker and really "start" enjoying your life!

The Omega White Teeth program

Most dentist charge between $375 - $600 for teeth whitening. Imagine yourself with a dazzling Omega White Smile in less than an hour! You can now get a 2 - 8 shades whiter brighter smile for only $149!! It's the cheapest in the city! Makes a wonderful gift and gift certificates are available.
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