From Beginners.....
We find that the best age to start children swimming is when they can listen and understand what the instructor is trying to help them learn.  This is usually at the age of 2.  When a child is willing to go with a teacher rather than Mom or Dad, they tend to try harder, and show Mom and Dad just how big and independent they are.

We teach according to the child's ability, not by what "level" they are assigned.  Sometimes children amaze everyone and jump levels.  At The Swim Academy, children that surpass expectations, are pushed by the teacher to do their personal best, and not held back because they catch on quickly.  In most cases, one child's eagerness can motivate the rest of the class to try harder.  What a great influence!!

To Moderate Swimmers.....
We teach the 4 main swimming strokes...front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly.  Our instructors break the strokes into segments and teach each piece with different techniques and drills to help the swimmers understand how to swim the stroke better and with less effort.

We keep our class sizes small.  At the most, a full class has 4 children to every instructor.  With these small classes, it is easier for the kids to get the personal attention that is so needed to develop a strong swimmer. We motivate the children by awarding them with ribbons for the lower levels, medals for the junior levels, small trophies for the intermediate swimmers, and larger trophies for the senior levels and higher.  When a swimmer sees the reward for working hard....they try even harder!

To Swimming Superstars!
At the higher level of our lessons, the swimmers are taught to challenge themselves.  Our Royal Olympic levels are combined with our Master levels, to try and challenge the swimmers to out swim themselves.  Each of the 6 levels of the Royal Olympic levels are based on a timed swim.  When a swimmer is able to swim a certain distance under a certain time, they are rewarded at the end of the session with a large trophy for their accomplishment.

At The Swim Academy, we offer private classes on an ongoing or casual basis. Our private classes will work on specific parts of the swimmers swimming ability or will teach a full session at a specific level within our program(see session dates to sign up for a seven week session).

The stroke development program is ideal for swimmers who are at the top levels in the parks and recreation or YMCA programs or at a Junior Gold level or higher in our programs but are not interested in joining a competitive swim club.  The swimmers continue to learn skills needed to develop and strengthen their strokes and become more efficient and competent in all four strokes.

Are you or your child struggling with a specific stroke or swimming skill?  Coach Craig can help.  Craig is a fully certified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 3 coach and a fully certified American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 Age Group International Coach. Craig is an award winning coach who has coached numerous provincial, national and world record swims. He has  developed and worked with many top nationally ranked swimmers and triathletes producing amazing results!




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