Northern Sound Hearing Clinic
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We are dedicated to improving quality of life through better hearing. We work to achieve this goal by offering the following services.

Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation
•An extensive case history, otoscopic examination, tympanometry and stapedial reflexes, puretone air and bone conduction, speech audiometry and a comprehensive report and explanation of the findings.
•Northern Sound Hearing Clinic has a close professional relationship with local doctors and ENT specialists. We will work to expedite hearing care on your behalf.

Hearing Aid Fittings
•We work with all major hearing instrument manufacturers, ensuring the best technology suited to each individuals needs is available. We offer fittings of new digital hearing aids and reprogramming of existing aids.
Repairs - In-house and by manufacturer
•A hearing aid technician is on staff to meet immediate needs of minor repairs, such as cleaning, tubing changes, wax guards and battery doors. Anything our technician is unable to repair in-house we will send to the manufacturer to have repaired.

FM Systems
•To further assist your hearing either with or without hearing aids even more technology is available. FM systems are designed to be beneficial even in the most difficult listening situations.
Swim Plugs and Ear Defenders
•Custom fit earmolds for swimming, noise and noise reduction. Also a variety of specialized earmolds are available, such as for musicians and hunters.

Direct Billing
•We offer direct billing to several government agencies such as AADL, WCB Alberta, WorkSafe BC, DVA and Medical Services. We also deal with private organizations such as the Elks and Lions Clubs.

Seniors Lodges
•Scheduled visits to area seniors lodges are held regularly to clean, check, do minor repairs, deliver repaired hearing aids, and offer accessories, such as batteries, for those who find it difficult to commute to our clinic.

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