North Shore Sports Medicine Clinic
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North Shore Sports Medicine is a local healthcare provider that has been serving the North Shore community for 30 years. Their vision is to be a cornerstone healthcare business that helps their staff, practitioners, and the people of the North Shore live happier, healthier, more active, and fulfilled lives. What sets North Shore Sports Medicine apart is their team-based approach to healthcare, which focuses on helping individuals live better lives. They offer longer appointments to ensure that patients have enough time with their practitioners and receive personalized care to help them get back to living their best lives. North Shore Sports Medicine provides a range of services to cater to the diverse needs of their patients. These services include physiotherapy, registered massage therapy (RMT), chiropractic care, dietician consultations, acupuncture, Pilates, naturopathic medicine, kinesiology (physio-led gym visits), GLA:D (a program for hip and knee osteoarthritis), and concussion care. The clinic also offers convenient options for patients, such as direct billing to extended healthcare plans, ICBC and WSBC claims, in-home physiotherapy, telehealth services, and online booking for appointments. If you require any of these services or have specific healthcare needs related to sports injuries, rehabilitation, or overall wellness, North Shore Sports Medicine aims to provide comprehensive care to meet your needs.

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