Nomad Fitness - Home Training
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Home Personal Training

In the comfort of your own home, we will be pleased to train you alone, with family or friends, to the shape of your life.

The 4 steps to achieve your goals at home:

1. Phone Apointment With One of Our Kinesiologists

With the professional advice one of our kinesiologist, you will clarify your needs and choose the package than fits you.

2. Initial Fitness Evaluation and Construction of your Global Training Plan

Your personal trainer evaluates your physical condition and your fitness level and decides with you what are-áyour achievable goals and how you will reach them. A good realistic plan is essential to realize your dreams.

3. Creation and Demonstration of Your Training Program

Your kinesiologist will show you various exercices adapted to your fitness level before he builds the final version of your training program. Your program should be changed at least every 8 weeks to maximize your progression.

4. Supervised Workouts With Your Home Personal Trainer

Your home fitness instructor will train you up to 5-átimes a week to get you to the best shape of your life. He will use is experience and creativity to make each workout unique and fun. With your Nomad personal trainer; fitness is fun.

Corporate Training

Statistics speak for themselves: each dollar spent in physical activity will allow you to save 3 dollars in sick leave, work injuries and even in psychological counseling. Your employees will also be happier and more productive. We organize walking groups and group courses before and after work and also during lunch time. Innovation in the workplace now has a name: Nomad.

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