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At Noah's Natural Foods we pride ourselves in offering you the finest selection of organic, non-GMO, fair trade and whole foods.-á Visit any of our four Greater Toronto Area locations to discover the following:

  • Certified Organic Fruits & Vegetables
  • Fresh & Frozen Prepared Meals
  • Certified Organic Eggs & Dairy Products (cheese, yogurt, milk, sour cream, etc.)
  • Soy Milk & Other Dairy-Free Beverages (Almond, Rice, etc.)-á
  • Hot & Cold Cereals
  • Bread Delivered Daily (alternative grains and gluten-free available)
  • Natural & Organic Nut Butters, Jam and Honey
  • Whole Grain Pastas
  • Bulk Foods and Baking Needs
  • Herbal Teas
  • Certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffee and Tea
  • Organic & Natural Soups, Crackers and Cookies
  • Organic Oils (olive, walnut, hazelnut, sesame, coconut, etc.), Condiments,-áVinegars, Salad Dressings, etc.)
  • Gluten & Allergen-Free Foods (cereal, snack foods, breads, cookies, crackers, pasta, baking mixes, etc.)
  • Natural & Organic Beverages (juices,water, spritzers, herbal/green tea, etc.)
  • Natural & Organic Snack Foods, including brown rice sushi, wraps and baked goods delivered daily
  • Organic Baby Food
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