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Just as our products are part of a holistic approach to personal health, so our company has been built on a philosophy of Integrity. For more than 50 years the Gahler family has been producing and distributing superb quality products for the natural health consumer.

Roland Gahler has been leading Natural Factors for the past few decades, adding modern technological improvements and investing in scientific research, that contributes to greater reliability and effectiveness of our natural products. Our goal is to deliver products which marry the wisdom of ancient herbal physicians and the science of exciting, new clinical research to maximize the health of all our customers.

For us, Integrity means being able and willing to stand behind every product we produce. Each one of us at Natural Factors feels responsible for the supplements and herbal remedies we sell. We don't make placebos - we produce products that work to create better health.?  Roland Gahler, President and Chief Executive Officer.

"Certain types of products are very popular with our Asian customers, while others are unique to Canada or Europe. There are more and more people around the world seeking their own health solutions natural solutions. And that has always been what Natural Factors is about." explains Roland Gahler.

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