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Refractive Laser Surgery
Dr. Conlon understands the value that people place on excellent vision without glasses, and as a recipient of Lasik surgery himself (Dr. Conlon underwent Lasik surgery in 1998), he is well aware of the benefits of refractive laser surgery.

Laser refractive surgery (LASIK and PRK) precisely changes the shape of the front of the eye, or cornea, to improve the focusing ability of the eye, so one can function without glasses. By eliminating or reducing your dependence on glasses your ability to perform a wide range of activities becomes enhanced.

Wave Front Technology
One of the major advances in refractive laser surgery has been the development of wavefront technology, which optimizes the laser treatment to be specifically guided to treat your eye, in a customized fashion. Customization of treatment allows for the elimination of small visual imperfections, known has “higher order aberrations”, which enhances of the overall visual result obtained with refractive laser surgery.

IntraLase Technololgy
The IntraLase® method, an advanced technology offers enhanced comfort and safety in LASIK vision correction. With IntraLase FS, Dr. Conlon is able to perform the entire operation without a blade. The advantages of this reliable and proven technology include accuracy and safety. Because the technology is customized, the blade-free LASIK procedure produces optimal results while even further reducing the already rare risk of complications.

Science proves it. Surgeons swear by it. Patients want it. Peer reviewed studies and over 1,000,000 clinical cases with no reports of serious sight-threatening complications prove that performing LASIK eye surgery with the IntraLase Laser creates more precise, safer and better LASIK outcomes. Blade-free Lasik - its worth it.

Are You a Candidate?
Dr. Conlon will examine your eyes prior to treatment and review a number of physical parameters, unique to your eyes to determine whether or not you are a candidate for refractive laser surgery. The treatment recommendations are highly individualized and are based on the characteristics of your eyes. Dr. Conlon will recommend a specific treatment plan that best meets your needs, depending on the unique physical characteristics of your eyes, and your specific visual needs.

Horizon Laser Vision Center
Horizon Laser Vision Center is premier laser vision correction company with centers in Saskatoon and Regina. Dr. Conlon performs refractive laser surgery at Horizon Laser Vision Center, in Saskatoon. Dr. Conlon has been affiliated with HLVC since its inception in 1995, and was one of the founding refractive laser surgeons.


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