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As a life coach and business coach, Monica is dedicated to working with motivated individuals and groups. Recognizing that everyone’s life is distinctive, with its own nuances and complexities, Monica works individually with each client to address whatever areas in their life they want to improve. 

When Monica Magnetti works with you as a life coach, and/or business coach, she guides and supports you in finding balance and clarity as you create and navigate your unique life path. She helps you discover your inner power and design a personalized formula for living, so that making potent, productive decisions becomes a lot easier in your life.

Though Monica is a Vancouver Life Coach, she coaches most of her clients, local and international, by phone—a coaching mode designed to give optimum results with the least amount of time spent getting to and from appointments. It’s your life: Get the most out of it!

Monica loves writing and creating tools for her clients to stay on top of—and love!—their life.

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