Krystyna Kinowski

Krystyna Kinowski provides solutions for the following issues at her private practice in Victoria:

  •     Anxiety/Panic/Phobias
  •     Posttraumatic Stress
  •     Depression/Mood disturbance
  •     Grief and Loss
  •     Acute crises
  •     Work place stress/Performance anxiety
  •     Adjusting to change/Life transitions
  •     Lack of confidence/Low self-esteem
  •     Conflict resolution skills/Anger management
  •     Relationship dilemmas/Marital problems
  •     Communication problems
  •     Life purpose and meaning/Inner guidance
  •     Obsessive compulsive problems
  •     Adoption issues
  •     Separation planning to help kids cope
  •     Blended family issues
  •     Unresolved family-of-origin issues
  •     Sexual abuse
  •     Stress-related physical symptoms
  •     Chronic pain
  •     Performance enhancement
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