Kali Yuga Yoga

Kriya Hatha Intro Initiation
A must for anyone starting out or unfamiliar with the basics.This class introduces rudimentary anatomy, yogic terminology along with proper breathing , fundamental Asanas (Postural Work) and alignment, linked together to flow in a calm fashion without overwhelming the initiate. Class closes with a guided relaxation and a short meditation. Also recommended for the more experienced students who are seeking to improve the foundation of their practice.

Kriya Hatha I
A wonderful sequence flowing calmly with plenty of time for the student to settle into each Asana (Posture) and absorb its benefits. Lots of length and strength will be attained from this class, with a serene yet energetic feeling lasting through out the day. A shorter class perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Kriya Hatha II
For the student seeking variety and a well balanced practice. Lots of Asanas (Postural Work) and yoga styles flowing from fast to slow, moving like life itself, with its ups and downs. Students will be put to the test on how well they cope with today’s strains and stresses. Class closes with a final relaxation followed by Pranayama (Breathwork) and meditation. A blissful experience enjoyed by all.

Mystery Yoga
1h to 1h45min
This class is as its name indicates, a mystery. A class of Mystery Yoga can consist of any of the classes offered at Kali Yuga Yoga, a combination of the classes or something completely new. It’s a SURPRISE ! Spontaneously flowing without expectations, freely welcoming each situation as it arises, allowing the body and mind to open up, liberating us from any preconceived notion or expectation. You may just leave the class getting exactly what you needed.

This class is intended to allow yourself to empty your mind and express yourself through your feminine energy. Free form dance and other techniques such as mantra, tratek, and guided breathing exercises are what you will experience in this class. Come find out who you really are by dropping the mask and tuning into the "self".

 Prenatal Yoga
This gentle sequence of Asanas (Postural Work) and Pranayama (Breathwork), will aid expectant mothers in alleviating many of the discomforts of pregnancy, along with strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles. A perfect time to nurture ourselves and the little life developing within us, preparing for the act of birth. After all, it’s not just about us anymore, but a time to be selfless. With loving awareness of our bodies, a phenomenal innate wisdom will arise joining mother and baby in spirit.

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