Jason Winkler Psychotherapists
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I work with a wide range of individuals, from very different backgrounds and with greatly different stories, experiences, questions and struggles. Here is an idea of what issues feature prominently in my practice:

* Relational concerns and difficulties (All forms of relationships)
* Unresolved childhood and family issues
* Anxiety and depression (Feeling stuck, shut down, frightened, isolated)
* Shame (Relating to experience of one’s self, addictive patterns, sexual behaviour, food/eating issues)
* Major life transitions/displacements (Loss and bereavement, relationship endings, career changes)
* Sexual orientation (LGBTQ issues, questioning/ coming out as gay/bisexual)
* Existential concerns (Death and mortality, finding meaning in life, freedom and responsibility)
* Creativity (Finding authenticity and empowerment through pursuits that engage one’s talents and passions)
* Men's issues and emotional well-being (Offering men a supportive space to discuss their feelings in a way they normally wouldn’t with friends, co-workers and family)

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