Complex care, or residential care, is an environment best suited to seniors who require 24 hour professional nursing care and support. In British Columbia this service is appropriate for seniors with health care requirements that surpass that which can be delivered in a housing environment. Significant physical frailty and/or cognitive impairment would trigger a need for complex care services.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a housing option that includes accommodation, hospitality services and personal care services.  In British Columbia assisted living is available as a government funded option (Independent Living BC Program) and as a private option (marketed directly to the senior consumer).  The inclusion of personal care services is what differentiates assisted living from other forms of seniors housing.  All assisted living residences in BC must be registered with the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar. The Registrar is a government office responsible for ensuring health and safety standards for seniors are upheld in the assisted living environment.

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing includes accommodation and an array of hospitality services that support independence and add to quality of life.  Core hospitality services include dining, housekeeping and laundry services as well as social and recreation programs and emergency response.

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