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Private Classes

For women who want to make the most-áof their workout time, we offer private appointments. You can enjoy in-home sessions, and a limited number of private appointments are also available at Inner Hero's studio on selected week nights and Saturdays. You'll work with a fully certified Pilates Personal Trainer who will design a plan based on your skills and fitness goals.

Group Classes

Basic Intermediate on Saturdays: This class assumes you are in good physical condition and wish to learn basic principles for practising Pilates safely and effectively. It offers both basic and intermediate exercises with lots of variations to develop strength and quality of movement. Choose this class if you are fit and want a balanced workout that targets core stability. YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME TO ATTEND THIS CLASS.


Intermediate on Wednesdays: This class is for people who have the strength to perform the Intermediate repertoire, as well as selected Advanced repertoire, so you should be working out every week already if you have only limited Pilates experience. Choose this class if you have at least 8 to 12 months Pilates experience at an intermediate level, or comparable experience in another discipline or sport. It offers challenging exercises that prepare you for the advanced repertoire.

Advanced on Mondays: This class is for people who have both previous experience and are currently working out every week. Advanced exercises are phased in throughout the season to ensure participants have true competency in performing a more challenging repertoire. Choose this class if you have been doing Pilates intermediate repertoire for a while and would like to increase your strength and co-ordination with fluid choreography delivered at a quick pace.

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