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Dr. Perhez Jaffer established the Heights Laser Centre in 2005 with the philosophy to provide natural looking results. “The purpose of medical aesthetics is for your friends and families to comment that you look refreshed, or to ask if you are using a new product because you look so great. No one should know that you have had a treatment done, unless of course, you tell them!”

Dr. Jaffer takes great pride in his education and the Centre shares this knowledge during the consultation process. “The more you know about the treatment, the happier you will be about the result. During your consultation, the Heights Laser team will gain an understanding of your concerns and offer individualized solutions to address these concerns. We will ensure that you have a full understanding of any treatment you are considering.” As such, Dr. Jaffer has carefully chosen his staff and most have been with him since 2005. “Of course, as we have grown, we have added new members to our Heights Laser family.” The Heights Laser Centre’s technicians have extensive training and continually attend training sessions. In addition, Dr. Jaffer attends several conferences a year, such as the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual meeting, and teaches the most up-to-date aesthetic information to the staff. The Heights Laser Centre only uses equipment and skincare products that have been scientifically proven to achieve results.

“My goal is to make you look and feel your best. I welcome you, your family, and friends.”

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