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The first step in the Hearing Alternative clinic is a no-charge hearing test.  If you have difficult hearing and understanding, or need to ask people to repeat themselves, it's time to have your hearing testing. Sit down, get your questions answered, and find out about your hearing options.

In-home services: We offer in-home hearing services for those who find it difficult to come into our clinic, or if you just prefer to rest in the comfort of your own home. You can call and arrange an appointment for an in-home hearing consultation with Hearing Alternative. We have hearing aid fitting equipment and hearing testing equipment that's specifically designed for out-calls - and you'll get the same excellent service as you would in our clinic. There may be a fee for out-call hearing services, but it may be waived should you decide to acquire hearing help. Contact our staff today to learn more about our in-clinic and outcall hearing services!

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