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Gold's Gym at UBC (University Marketplace) in Vancouver has numerous fitness amenities and services. We also have a juice bar with real fruit protein smoothies. Each locker room also has a lounge area equipped with a leather couch and flat screen TV so clients can relax.

Gold's Gym Fitness Machines

Cardio Machines - Gold’s Gym @ UBC has more than 35 cardio machines including arc trainers (lower and total body), Cybex treadmills, Expresso Virtual Reality stationary bikes, freemotion incline trainers, and exercise bikes (upright and recumbent). Most of our fitness machines have built-in flat screen TVs and none of them have time limits. This allows you to watch your favourite TV show while you get fit and burn calories.

Weights - The freemotion equipment at Gold's Gym UBC allows you to target your stabilizer muscles so you get big gains in a short amount of time. Get 360 degrees of motion so you don't have to get up and adjust the machine! Each cable is attached to the weight stack individually so you don't overtrain your dominant side, and to allow for supersets.

Group Cycling Studio - The cycling studio at Gold's Gym at UBC in Vancouver has 16 of Reebok’s newest indoor cycles that can be used with clips or your regular runners.

Group Exercise Classes - We have a main group exercise studio at Gold's Gym UBC that is equipped with stretching mats, stepping boards, polyurethane dumbbells, punching bag, stability boards / balls, Bosu balls, and barbells. We also offer a number of group fitness classes including cardio. pump, step, Cardio Latino Dance, yoga, Pilates and more. The comfortable, modern studio is air conditioned and has a wood sprung floor for maximum shock absorption.


Free Motion - An evolution in strength training, freemotion equipment targets your stabilizer muscles to allow for massive gains in a short period of time. The Free Motion machine offers 360 degrees of motion to your workout, this means you don’t have to get up and adjust the machine in order to target a different part of the muscle in a given group. Switching from inclines to declines to fly’s and back without skipping a beat. Each cable is attached to the weight stack individually to prevent overtraining of your dominant side and allows for supersets.

Cybex VR3- The Cybex VR3 line is designed for safety and ease of use. Increase your muscle mass faster by doing your last 2 sets in this section so you can isolate your primary muscle groups. We guarantee you will feel that pump longer than ever!

Gold’s Classic- Gold’s Classic is an area of the gym wheret the heaviest lifting takes place. With dumbbells weighing up to 115lbs, hammer strength plate loaded machines, squat racks, hack squats, leg extensions, leg curls, military, incline / flat press benches, lat pull downs, seated rows, universal weight machine and much more. The Gold’s Classic area has everything you need to build muscle.


GGX Studio- The main group exercise studio is equipped with stepping boards, stretching mats, polyurethane dumbbells, barbells, stability boards / balls, Bosu balls and a punching bag. This is where the Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Latino Dance, Pump, Step, etc. take place. The studio is air conditioned and has a wood sprung floor for maximum safety and shock absorption.

Group Cycling Studio- The cycle studio has 16 of Reebok’s newest indoor cycles which can be used with your clips or regular runners.


Locker Rooms - Each locker room has a lounge area equipped with a leather couch and flat screen TV so you can relax after your workout. It is beautifully designed with custom lockers for our members to use while they workout. The locker room also has curtained showers for your privacy, body soap, hair dryers, Q-tips, mouthwash and body spray.

Juice Bar - It is essential that you replenish your body with protein and carbohydrates within an hour after your workout in order to maximize your results. Our juice bar offers real fruit protein smoothies which you can add glutamine, bee pollen, ginseng and/or ginkgo biloba. Members have the opportunity to load up a gift card and receive 10% off their juice bar purchase. In addition, the Juice bar offers (5 and 10lb) buckets of protein, hydroxycut, nitric oxide and many more.

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