Global Hearing Aid Clinic


Global Hearing Aid Clinic offers a full array of audiology services. Hearing assessments, re-assessments, hearing aid prescriptions, Real Ear Measurements and electroacoustic hearing aid assessments are just some of the common everyday services provided at GHAC.

Hearing Instrument Care

Global Hearing Aid Clinic can service any make and model of hearing instruments whether purchased at GHAC or elsewhere. Ask us about moving your service from your current service provider to GHAC.

Hearing Instrument Consultation

Before you purchase a hearing aid it is extremely important that the choice in hearing instruments is made jointly between you and the audiologist. It could take as much as an hour to learn about you, your listening requirements, your expectations and your budget and closely match your needs with the most suitable products. Without a proper consultation, you may not fully reach the maximum potential of your residual hearing. You will be investing a substantial amount of time, effort and money for your sound experience. Rest assured that GHAC will make it happen.

Trial Period

If you access one of the government funded hearing instrument programs you have to receive a minimum of 30 days in which you can try your hearing instruments without a complete commitment. If for any reason you decide hearing instruments are not right for you, you can return them to GHAC (a return fee will apply). GHAC offers you a 45 day trial period and should you need more time than 45 days for whatever reason, the trial period is flexible.

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