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As the global economy grows, so do businesses and the demands which are placed on their employees. According to The Canadian Council for Health and Active Living at Work, 46% of Managers and Professionals, 49% of Sales and Services worker, and 55% of all trades, transport and manufactures are inactive. Thus, this increase in inactivity is 70 % of the organizations benefit cost, with the top two work related diseases being: Cardiovascular disease and Musculoskeletal (Back and Repetitive Strain) Injuries. Therefore, with the majority of Canadians spending one half of their waking hours at work, it is becoming  more and more prevalent that the work place becomes an integral part in investing in their employees' health. 
Reasons for a Corporate Membership

•Reduced employee absenteeism
•Increasing employee retention, reducing turnover
•Increase employee morale and productivity
•Appeal to top talent during recruitment
•Educate employees about the benefits of an active lifestyle
•Fight riding health care cost through preventative healthcare and maintenance
•Reduce injury on the job
•Workers compensation cost
•Reduction in claims against group benefit plans

Exercise can help employees

•Increase psychological well-being
•Reduce Problematic blood pressure and Cholesterol levels
•Control their weight
•Build and manintain healthy bones, muscles and joints
•Become stronger and better stability and agility
The Global Fitness Team, would like to help your company achieve a healthier, happier, more productive team through effective fitness at the best corporate rates. Our corporate “Options Packages”, offers affordable choices for your company’s commitment to your employees health. This investment will give your company a healthier bottom line. Employers offering fitness memberships as an employee benefit will stand out in our competitive job market and have a higher retention of employees.
What is stopping you?

Location? Time?  Peer Support?

We offer individual & group training, where you want ..... when you want!

How big is your ...  office, lunch room, parking lot - limitation is only set by you!
Global offers Corporate Packages.
If you are an employer or an employee ask us how you can become part of our Corporate Challenge!

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