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Reformer: Apparatus that addresses every muscle group, using four different levels of resistance via pulleys and a sliding platform

Ladder Barrel:  The Barrel supports adjustable, personalized workouts to tone the entire body, outlined by the original Pilates specifications

Exercise Balls: Lightweight, inflatable training tools for the core, improving flexibility and balance

Cadillac: Utilizing an overhead pole system, full trapeze, push-though and roll-down bars, hanging straps and foot and hand loops, all parts of the body gain strength and tone.  Also known as Studio systems or trapeze tables, these systems are among the most versatile and comprehensive in the fitness industry

Spine Corrector: Padded floor apparatus that was designed to enhance strengthening and stretching exercises of hard-to-target areas such as shoulders, back, and torso. The Spine corrector will open the chest, align the spine, improve posture, and tone muscles with more intensity than simple mat work 

Mat: Most Pilates exercises and movements are performed on extra thick mats, allowing the client to receive immediate feedback relating to their body position and alignment

Chair: Apparatus that features a step or pedal with adjustable spring resistance. The chair focuses on the legs and torso, but can be adjusted to train many parts of the body.

Magic Circle (or rings): Lightweight tool that works every part of the body, predominately used to enhance basic mat work

Ped-O-Pull: Perfect for muscle strengthening, rehab, flexibility training, and available in different resistance levels depending on individual needs


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