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EYE EXAMINATION FEES : (Includes Comprehensive Eye Exam + OPTOMAP Retinal Photos) AGE

18 and under __________________________________________________________ $45*

19 to 64 (Not including Optomap Retinal Photos)_______________________ $95

65 and older ___________________________________________________________ $45**


New fitting (includes $40 credit towards contact lens purchase) _____________ $60

Refit (includes $40 credit towards contact lens purchase) __________________ $40


OPTOMAP Retinal Photos ______________________________________________ $45

Eye Infections, Injuries, Diabetic, etc _____________ Manitoba Health Coverage ***

* OPTOMAP Retinal Photos are recommended at eye exam to help detect asymptomatic eye disease.

** OPTOMAP Retinal Photos OR Dilatd Eye Exam required for patients 65 and older. OPTIMAL Retinal photos provide a permanent record of the retinal for future comparison, the $45 fee is covered by most private vision insurance plans. Dilated Eye Exam fees are covered under Manitoba Health but will require a driver as vision will be blurry for a few hours after exam.

*** Manitoba Health covers the fees for most ocular health urgencies, however some required tests are not covered.

We accept most vision insurance plans: Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, Manulife, etc. Most insurance plans will cover the fees for Eye examination and Optomap. To save some time please check your insurance plan for the coverage available to you for eye examinations and eyewear.



During COVID19 we are available to help you with your eye care needs.

You can order contacts.

We can see you for urgent eye problems.

We will be arranging these by appointment through Waverley Eye Care Centre.

You can reach us in 4 ways:

Leave a message at the end of this message.

Call us at Waverley Eye Care 204 487 1901

Email us at info@eyesonbridgwater.ca

Or text Dr Nelson 204 228 5901

Take care and be safe.

Eyes On Bridgwater

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