Exceeding Limits Business Development

Generally, an advisor meets privately with the business owner three times per month for 1.5 to 2 hours. A customized action plan is established that considers business strategy, urgencies and company/owner’s goals for the coming year. Typically attractive to established firms with revenues from $750k to $20 million.

Better Business Bootcamp

Affordable, interactive group sessions are provided to six to ten business owners; who meet twice per month, for a fixed, six-month period. In addition, six private advisor sessions are scheduled in order to assist in selected concerns and a confidential business strategy. This format is targeted to smaller, established businesses of $300k to $2 million in sales.

Business Effectiveness Evaluation

Known as the "CEO 360° View", this is an affordable diagnostic of your business. It consists of an examination, via a comprehensive questionnaire, of each of the nine pillars of profitability, an insightful behavioural assessment and a comprehesive financial analysis that benchmarks against your competition. The"CEO 360° View" identifies the areas that need immediate attention and what to do about them. In addition, two 1.5-hour private advisor sessions are scheduled in order to interpret the results of the evaluations and to help develop 30- and 90-day action plans.

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