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At EnerChanges we will take you through targeted testing that identifies your physiological aging markers. Then a personalized program of specific treatments will help reverse and delay the physiologic aging process.

Our Healthy Aging program has a three pronged approach:

1) Address Free-Radical and Degenerative Damage. Targeted physiological testing will determine the status of your various body systems. Then nutrition is optimized through various modalities to support the body's regenerative processes.

2) Balance Hormones. Targeted hormone testing, as necessary, will determine the efficacy and interrelationships between synergistic hormones. The results are used to rebalance your hormones according to your precise physiological requirements.

3) Optimize Exercise Efficiency. Targeted metabolic testing will determine the kind amount, and intensity of exercise that is optimum according to your individual physiological profile. Our Clinical Exercise Specialists will work with you to customize an exercise program appropriate for you according to your individual physiologic markers and lifestyle.

An EnerChanges physician will personally guide you through this process as part of an integrated health/lifestyle treatment program.

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