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A periodontist is a dentist who has received special training to specialize in evaluating and treating periodontal disease (gum disease). Gum disease is extremely common and includes gingivitis, and periodontitis, which is more serious gum disease, advanced periodontitis, and gum recession. Periodontal disease ranges from mild to severe, and often has no symptoms in its earlier stages - many people don't realize they have advanced gum disease. If untreated, this dental disease can lead to tooth loss and has recently been linked to heart disease and many other serious medical conditions.

Our downtown Vancouver periodontists use both non-surgical and surgical approaches to detect and treat a variety of periodontal problems, which are caused by different factors. Factors that cause gum disease are plaque, genetics, stress, pregnancy and smoking.

Our downtown Vancouver periodontists, Dr. Dino Georgas and Dr. Angela Demeter, also specialize in soft-tissue procedures, including improving the appearance of the gum line through dental surgery, often to prepare for cosmetic dentistry, following orthodontic treatments, or before crown placement. We also specialize in regenerative surgery and dental implant placements. Other dental services we offer at the Downtown Periodontal Group are: crown lengthening, pocket reduction, laser dentistry, soft tissue grafting, dental hygiene, and subgingival antiobiotics.

The care we provide at our downtown Vancouver dental office is periodontal, with a focus on cosmetic and reconstructive services such as implant therapy and smile enhancement. We pride ourselves on being a paperless practice, where patients feel comfortable in our spa-like environment.

Dr. Georgas and Dr. Demeter are featured in the following HealthChoicesFirst periodontal videos:

Dr. Dino Georgas

Dr. Angela Demeter

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