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Are you looking for a Business Coach?
What will coaching do for you?
Business Leaders, such as Owners or Corporate Executives generally want to talk to a coach about Time, Team, Money or an Exit Strategy.

Those are the 4 main recurring themes we hear from almost every business owner we speak to.

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Here are some of the things we hear from people just like you

•How can I get my personal time back?
•I work harder now than I did when had a job with someone else...
•I'm missing important family events - and I'm frustrated
•My Family needs me at home more
•I've worked hard for a long, long time - I think I deserve a bit more time off.
Operational Time

•We need quicker cash flow (timeliness)
•Our systems need to change so we can build it deliver it / invoice for it / collect on it quicker.
•Or, you may be unaware how much improvement can be made here.

•How can we get the most out of our people, for the benefit of all?
•How can I attract people who are perfect for my company?
•What can I do internally to keep my people happy and productive?
•Where can I find more people?
•I have a problem do I do what really needs to be done?

•I want to make more
•I want to keep more
Exit Strategy

•At some point, I'll want to retire / move on. How can I do that profitably?
•What do I need to do to maximize my sale price on this business?
•I'm planning to sell to family / internal people. How will I make that transition smooth?
Uncertainty and Frustration
Note that as coaches, we don't add to this category, we have many tools to show you how to combat it!
Frustration over issues that recur constantly

•The Economy
•Broken or Missing Systems
•Suppliers and Clients

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