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Denver Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center in Colorado that specializes in holistic and evidence-based treatment. At our rehab center, we believe treating substance addiction requires a full continuum of care that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. A person isn’t defined by their addiction, so why should their treatment be? Read on to discover more about Denver Recovery Center and how we deliver individualized treatment.

Personal and Individualized Care

Even if two people struggle with addictions to the same substance, their experiences with addiction are unique. At Denver Recovery Center, clients will participate in activities and programs that best suit them. All individuals will be able to attend group and family therapy sessions along with individual counseling.

Clients will also experience our unique, holistic approach to treatment. At Denver Recovery, we want our clients to find solace and sobriety in healthy and sustainable activities. This is why we offer holistic treatment options that help clients treat their minds, bodies, and souls. Our holistic activities include:

Yoga Meditation Nutritional education Hiking

By combining these activities with evidence-based treatment, clients receive an individualized plan that makes them feel the most comfortable and secure during their recoveries.

Sustainable Life Skills

Recovery doesn’t end when you leave the facility. Instead, it’s a lifelong battle that requires constant monitoring and mindfulness. For many people struggling with addiction, stress is the biggest temptation for substance abuse.

At Denver Recovery Center, we help our clients develop healthy life skills that will support them in their day-to-day decisions. In addition to exercise and nutritional health, we also encourage clients to manage stress through meditation and yoga. By finding healthy ways to process stress, clients are less likely to return to substance abuse in the long run.

Therapy Services and Counseling

Our therapy options help clients get to the root of their addictions, mend relationships with family members, and learn how to connect with others. Whether through individual counseling or group therapy, we hope that our clients can learn to better understand themselves and others.

Some clients require more comprehensive therapy services that others. For clients suffering from a mental illness alongside their addiction, we offer a dual diagnosis treatment to help them manage both. It’s common for a mental illness and an addiction to feed into each other, so clients struggling with co-occurring disorders have to receive treatment for both. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses the mental illness alongside the substance addiction and teaches clients how to manage their mental illness after treatment ends.

Family and Friends

At Denver Recovery Center, we understand that people suffering from addiction don’t exist in a vacuum. They have friends, family, and people in their lives who care about them. Therefore, we offer assistance and education for loved ones so they can better understand addiction and learn how to support the client during recovery.

Professional and Caring Addiction Treatment Staff

Our staff members understand the struggles, temptations, and hardships that come with addiction. With this understanding, they help clients work through the complexities of addiction and work with them to develop sustainable lifestyles and relapse prevention strategies. Our addiction specialists, counselors, and other addiction

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