Cyclepath Woodbridge

Tip #1 Why service a bike? Ensures safety for the rider Prolongs the life of your bike Keeps your bike in tip top condition Provides a smoother more comfortable ride Tip #2 Bicycles have become a big part of everyday life and as a rider it is very important to know the basics on your bicycle. Being able to change flat tires and maintain your bicycle can become very hard and time consuming so here are some tips to help you keep your bike in good shape. Tip #3 Lubrication is a very important part of keeping your bike in shape. Brake pivots, chain, freewheel, derailleurs and inner cables should be lubed once every two-week. Dry lube for dry conditions and wet lube for wet conditions. Tip #4 Brakes should be checked to make sure that the pads are aligned with the wheels on both sides, free of dirt and mud and not worn out to ensure safe stopping. Clean off every ride for efficiency. Derailleurs allow the chain to shift smoothly from the drive chain from one gear to another. It should be aligned square to the frame and checked frequently. To prevent this from braking or slipping try to avoid laying the bike down on its right side. Tip #5 Tires should be checked every ride for pressure to prevent punctures, cuts, wear, punctures, slow leaks and bulges on the sidewalls. Tip #6 The Cyclepath Woodbridge has almost 2 decades of experience in the bicycle industry. We have the knowledge to service and repair all makes of bikes from your baby's tricycle to the most professional road and mountain bikes. We also build high-end custom wheel sets.

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