Learn to Climb program

Our Learn to Climb program includes everything you need to know to get started and be safe while enjoying the exciting sport of indoor rock climbing.

Top Rope Intro Lesson (age 14 & up)Top Rope Climbing is the safest and simplist way to discover what indoor rock climbing is all about.

Our instructors will show you how to inspect and properly put on a climbing harness, how to tie into a rope using a figure-8 climbing knot, and how to safely work a belay device (used to "catch" a climber when they fall and lower them to the ground after they reach the top).

One low all-inclusive price gets you:

» 90-minute lesson (approximate - we'll keep teaching until you get it)
» rental gear (climbing shoes and harness)
» provisional belay test (see below)
» day pass (allowing you to climb and practice all you like for the day)

"No Climbing" OptionYes, that's right. You can learn to climb without climbing. Our Top Rope intro lesson will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy the sport with your friends and family without having to put one foot up in the air (unless you want to of course).

Planning a birthday party for your son or daughter? Learn to work the ropes yourself (while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground) and have a climbing party whenever you like. Now that's what you call hero points!

Secure Online Booking AvailableCheck prices here. Discounted group rate are also available for this course.

Please note: You'll be required to take a belay certification test on your next visit to Climber's Rock to be sure you've retained the proper safety procedures. We'll remind you of anything forgotten and allow for a provisional day pass until you're able to complete the test with no assistance.

Our goal is to teach you how to climb safe. If at any time you're not sure of anything - just ask. We're here to help!

Click here to book your lesson now through our online scheduler or give us a call (905) 633-7625.

Special Offer - Get Your Top Rope Intro Lesson for Free!We want everyone to try this exciting sport and discover all the wonderful physical, social, and mental benefits it has to offer. For anyone who gets hooked on climbing and starts any membership within 30 days after taking our Top Rope Intro lesson, we will refund the price you paid for the lesson.

Plus, participants who want to try the sport a bit more before committing can get free rental gear for a month. (Ask your instructor for details)

Belay Certification
In order to be considered "belay-certified" at our facility, you must be over the age of 13 and demonstrate your knowledge and performance of the following:

1.Properly put on a climbing harness and perform self and buddy checks
2.Properly tie climbing rope to harness with follow-through 8 and keeper knot
3.Demonstrate proper belay technique using a harness-attached GRIGRI with locking carabiner
Our certification test is free of charge and once passed you will be entered in our system as belay-certified and are free to use our facility at your own leisure. You must be able to complete the test with zero assistance to pass successfully.

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