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Services at Climb 306: Saskatoon Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Indoor Rock Climbing Groups

Saskatoon's Climb 306 specializes in fun group events, from sports teams to youth groups to sports teams to family events! An indoor rock climbing birthday party is also an awesome idea for kids of all ages. Climb 306 can accommodate groups of 6 to 30 climbers, and groups of 15 or more qualify for a group rate. Talk to a Climb 306 staff member to start putting together a great group package.

Rock Climbing Technique Course

Climb 306 in Saskatoon offers an indoor rock climbing technique course called "Building the Basics," which is a tailor-made course for all skill levels. You will have the ability to sit down with a qualified rock climbing instructor, discuss your climbing goals and create a plan to achieve them. "Building the Basics" is a two-hour indoor rock climbing technique class that can focus on climbing, belaying or a combo of both. The cost is $45.00 for the two-hour course.

Lead Climbing Course

Lead climbing courses are available at Climb 306 in Saskatoon for beginners to advanced climbers who are looking to expand their knowledge of rock climbing. You'll learn proper climbing and belaying techniques that are involved in lead rope climbing. The cost is $45.00.

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