I would like to welcome you to my office, where my main focus is to provide quality chiropractic care to the entire family. At the Clinic Chiro-Sant Kirkland, our goal is to make each and every patient feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible so that the healing process may begin. We are also equipped and organized to handle any CSST or SAAQ cases. Simply call to make an appointment.

In addition to chiropractic care, I provide craniosacral therapy, nutritional counselling, homeopathy and breastfeeding consultation. The office also has two massage therapists who offer therapeutic massage and reflexology. We are now also able to offer foot orthotic evaluations by a certified orthotist in the office.

The majority of my patients visit me for wellness care and not strictly treatment for back pain. This type of health care allows my patients to improve their overall well being. In my practice, nearly 40% of patients are pregnant women and babies.

By using a variety of chiropractic techniques, I can tailor a treatment to your health care needs. Every individual is different and should be treated differently.

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