Central Ottawa Acupuncture Clinic
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Acupuncture is a very effective theropy for over 450 kind diseases and conditions. It uses very fine acupuncture needle ( like hair ), or heat, or cupping etc to stimulate the points for promoting the body's natural healing ( rebalancing ) and improving the body's functioning. The yin and yang are eventually rebalanced and the patients will be back to normal again.

Q2. What is Chinese Herbal Medicine ( CHM )?A: CHM is another main part of Chinese Medicine. It uses Chinese herbs to treat patients. So far in China, we find that it can effect all the diseases and conditions. Ninty nine per cent patients can get very good results.

Q3. What is Chinese Medicine ( CH )? A: CH has two meaning now. One means that all the medicine approaches used in China nowadays including modern western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM ) and combination of this previous two because for many diseases it will be much effective if you use both together. Another means that TCM only.

Q4. What is traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM )?A: TCM has been practised in China for more than three thousand years. It uses unique theories to direct its clinical application effectively. It includes Chinese Herbal medicine ( CHM ), acupuncture, moxibustion, diseases prevention, personal hygiene, diet therapy, Qigong, Taiji and health preserving etc. It has same branches like internal medicine, surgary ... ... etc. as modern western medicine.

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