Saskatoon 1st Avenue Active Rehab
We are certified and qualified to accept SGI or physio referred clients.

Saskatoon 1st Avenue 45 Minute Workout
Challenge yourself with this 45 minute circuit workout! Get in and out on a lunch break or just add some variety to your existing routine. All of the equipment you need for a full body workout is right here in one section. Clubs may have timers to prompt you like a personal trainer all you have to do is alternate weights and cardio in this explosive fat burning workout!

Regina Hamilton Street Personal Trainers
First, you will receive an assessment tracking your body's starting point. Next, we'll design your goal oriented workout program including one-on-one personalized instruction to explain all of the recommended exercises, machines, stretches and there benefits. Sign up and change the way you exercise forever! Click here to locate a trainer near you.

Regina Hamilton Street Private Stretching Rooms
We pay for space for you to stretch, no more hanging off of machines. Relax and complete your workout the right way with private stretch rooms.

Regina Park Street Full Service Locker Rooms
Enjoy luxurious locker rooms with both short & tall lockers to accommodate your gear, plenty of showers, lighted vanities, and steam rooms or saunas.

Regina Park Street Babysitting Services
Every location offers babysitting so you don’t have to make sacrifices. Enjoy some time for you and be comforted that your kids are so close by while you are working out. Click here to find hours & locations nearest you.

Saskatoon 8th Street Vaulted Layouts
The instant you walk through our front door, it captivates you. It's an appealing effect; one that demands all your senses. Airy spaciousness, bright colors and motivating music. Come visit us today!

Power Pacing
This is a 45 minute or 1 hour (Pacing +) class that never leaves the bike. It is a great cardio workout without the impact stresses associated with many other aerobic activities. It starts with a warm-up and continues into the 30-35 minute cardio section. Excellent conditioning benefits for the glutes, thighs, pecs, lats and abdominals. The cardio section includes cycling interval drills based on cadence, speed, work resistance and recovery. Click here for a complete Aerobics Schedule.

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