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Our bodies have a series of vertical tube-like channels called meridians or energy pathways which connect to all of our major organs.

If the energy in these tubes is always moving there can be no illness.

When this energy gets blocked we begin to feel the symptoms of illness – headaches, cramps, depression, joint aches and pains, digestive disorders, etc.

Contracting forces -- our environment, our diet, and our thinking -- can block the flow of this meridian energy (Qi), affect our organ’s physiological functions, and cause illness.

Symptoms can manifest in any meridian anywhere on the body, inside and out, depending on which organ is involved. According to TCM theory, even serious illness like cancer belongs to long term blockages of energy causing long term blood stasis.

This is where acupuncture is used very effectively to open up the flow of stagnant energy and return the organ’s functions before a serious condition manifests.

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