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What is Active Lifestyle Nutrition?

Active Lifestyle Nutrition is a nutrition plan to help you to lose weight and rejuvenate your body to a level of youthful energy. More importantly, it will give you the potentional to liberate yourself from the prison of low energy levels and highs and lows. From personalized meal plans, customized grocery lists, and tips and strategies on how to fit it into you daily life...

The Five Fundamentals of the BodyPrint Active Lifestyle Nutrition Program will change your life.

1. Many meals! Eat a balanced meal every 3-4 hours

2. All day long! Eat a minimum of 4-6 meals/day

3. Lots of Variety! Include an animal based protein source with every meal. Include a minimum of 25% of your meal from healthy fats. Consuming a balance of complex and simple carbohydrates at every meal, always including some type of fruit or vegetable while keeping the complex carbohyrates as natural as possible.

4. Drink water! Consume a minimum of 3L to 8L of fresh water daily.

5. Take your vitamins. Ensure that you are receiving adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals by consuming a multi-vitamin and mineral supplements only.

6. Stay active! (Ok, ok...we said 5 but this one can not be left out). Increase your activity level any way you can. Live your life! Dont sleep, walk through it!

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