Body Haven - a studio for women
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body haven pilates
We focus on private (one-on-one), semi-private (2 people), and group mat work. We access your individual needs and goals, and create a plan to help you achieve them. We strive to help you correct your posture, relieve tension, and strengthen your body. Our goal is to assist you to live your daily life pain free, relaxed, and stronger. Pilates focuses on precision in movement, coordination, concentration, control, centering, and flowing motion.

To help achieve your goals we encourage you to do Pilates twice a week. It can be a combination of equipment and mat or solely one or the other. We understand it may not fit your schedule so we also see clients once, twice, or several times a week depending on what you prefer. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Equipment packages
After purchasing your package all you have to do is schedule a day and time.  This can remain your regular spot if you wish or you can schedule whenever you are available.  You can chose to pay as you go or buy packages of 5, 10, or 20 classes.  You have six months to use the package and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy if you cannot make your scheduled time.  There will be no refunds for missed or cancelled lessons.  Cancelled lessons will be rescheduled at a time that works best for you.

Group mat lessons
After purchasing your package and registering for your class(s) you are ready to begin.  The mat lessons will run for a 6-week period each time.  The class sizes are limited to ensure the instructor is available to each person for assistance.  It provides a more intimate atmosphere and ensures your safety and success in your program.  There will be no refunds for missed or cancelled classes.  If the instructor must cancel, a make-up class will be rescheduled.

Mom and baby pilates mat
Learn the Classical Pilates repetoire and let it help acclerate your physical recovery and overall health in this 45 min class held twice a week. This a great way to bond with your baby while adding a challenge to your workout. Baby must be precrawling age. You will need to bring two soft towels for baby and a bottle of water. You must have approval from your doctor before beginning this exercise program.

Pre-natal pilates mat
Learn the Classical Pilates repetoire and a new awareness of your body important for birthing. The Pilates breathing technique is essential for calming and focusing and the core strength gained will allow the body to open and release. This is a gentle class safe for all trimesters. You must bring a fitness exercise ball with you to class and a bottle of water. Be sure you have approval from your doctor before beginning any new forms of exercise.

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