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Working in full collaboration with healthcare specialists and people with medical conditions, we will ensure:

• People understand their medications • the best individualized choice of medications for optimal outcomes • medications are taken or administered correctly • We will be the preeminent Specialized Collaborative Pharmacy in Canada.

Through a variety of services offered, BioPro Biologics Pharmacy will focus on the health benefits of each person, and will: • Deliver in-depth consultations with patients using an evidence-based approach and offer access to specialized products and services aimed at improving patient outcomes and health. • Engage the patient in informed shared decision making related to drug therapy. • Liberate patients from angst and confusion by working collaboratively with the patients and their specialist physicians, family physicians and/or other healthcare providers and caregivers. • Individualize medication management care plans by identifying and solving medication related issues and optimizing drug payment coverage. • Value the patient’s individual preferences, goals and requirements and include them in decisions. • Educate patients and manage their medication therapy leveraging E-health technology. • Resolve medication related issues to provide the best outcomes and quality of life. A Tailored Healthcare Experience

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy is designed to provide services that give you a superb experience as we educate and answer questions about your medication therapy. Employing a continuous flow with consultations pods that allow for a private and personal assessment and consultation with the pharmacists and staff. At BioPro Biologics Pharmacy, we are equipped with the latest digital health tools to help you monitor your progress and health.

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy is a clinical healthcare site, located with a group of Specialist physicians working toward the best possible patient outcomes. The focus is on providing best possible patient care that is outcome orientated, consultative, and comprehensive. Although usual prescription drugs are dispensed at the pharmacy, there is a focus on speciality pharmaceuticals. We are focused on the best use of drug products and related health therapies and we do not normally stock supermarket items.

At BioPro Biologics Pharmacy, we aim to provide a premium health experience and carry premium health product lines.

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  • Dr. Alan Low

    Dr. Alan Low

    BSC (Pharm), PharmD, ACPR, FCSHP, CCD, RPh
    Vancouver, BC
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    Dr. Alan Low

    , Pharmacist, at BioPro Biologics Pharmacy Vancouver in Vancouver, BC commented on: Chicken Pox and Its Link To Shingles " Monica 51-years-old a new grandmother ".

    About 90% of people born before 1995 have had chicken pox, and about one-third of these people develop shingles when they are older, generally at ages over 50. Although there has been a shingles vaccine available for many years, the uptake of the vaccine has been low in those who need it, around 30% received the vaccine (depending on what area is being measured). A new vaccine was introduced earlier this year which showed a very high effectiveness rate in clinical trials. The new vaccine, called Shingrix, in a study evaluating over 15,000 subjects who were aged 50 and up, found the vaccine reduced the number of people developing shingles from about 91 people per 10,000 to 6 people per 10,000 which is over a 90% reduction in the incidence of shingles. Those over 50 may want to speak with their healthcare professional about being vaccinated against shingles and discuss the benefits and risks of the new vaccine. Your pharmacist, in most jurisdictions, can provide not only information, but also the injection without the need for a prescription from your physician. If you have health insurance benefits which may cover the vaccine, you may require a prescription.

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    Dr. Alan Low

    , Pharmacist, at BioPro Biologics Pharmacy Vancouver in Vancouver, BC commented on: Osteoporosis Treatment.

    Thanks Dr. Miller for pointing out how pharmacists can be of help to people with osteoporosis or interested in prevention of fracture (who are not diagnosed) with osteoporosis. Besides helping with drug related concerns, pharmacists can assist in determining the need and best choice of over the counter supplements and vitamins. There are many different types of calcium and vitamin D on the market now. Depending on what patients are also taking with respect to medications and other conditions, a particular calcium salt may be preferred and would be absorbed better. People who do not take 1200mg of elemental calcium per day from their diet (usually requires multiple servings of dairy products daily and/or calcium fortified foods), a calcium supplement to provide sufficient calcium to the body to keep bones health and help minimize the risk of fractures is needed. Vitamin D is necessary to help the calcium get from the digestive system to the circulation and bones. With the current weather in winter, it may not always be possible to get enough sun exposure to produce the amount of Vitamin D needed and Vitamin D supplements are necessary. A reasonable approach is to take 800IU to 1000IU of Vitamin D all year round to ensure sufficient levels of Vitamin D in the body, speak to your pharmacist or dietician about these essential elements and what is right for you.

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