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Immediate access to health care professionals who meet your needs
When hospitals and care facilities face short-term staffing challenges, they turn to Bayshore Home Health for solutions they can trust and depend on.

The key principles behind our temporary staffing solutions are to understand our clients' requirements, offer choices and promptly deliver fully trained health care professionals whose expertise best meets their needs.

Our vast pool of caregivers includes Registered Nurses, Registered/Licensed Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers. We can also source other types of health care professionals our clients need.

For more information about our temporary staffing services, please call your local Bayshore Home Health office.

A range of integrated pharmaceutical services for health care organizations

Bayshore Specialty Rx, a subsidiary of home and community health care provider Bayshore Home Health, offers a range of integrated pharmaceutical services to clients such as government care programs, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations.

Specialty Pharmacy Services – Provide a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of intravenous and injectable drugs used in areas such as anti-infection therapy, chemotherapy, palliative care, enzyme replacement therapy and TPN (total parenteral nutrition). We also distribute infusion equip­ment and supplies, including innovative ambulatory pumps.

Community Care Clinics – Our network of more than 20 community care clinics across Canada, including 12 in Ontario, offers a convenient and comfortable alternative to the traditional hospital setting for people who require infusion or injection of specialty drugs.

Pharmaceutical Support Services – Help pharmaceutical companies increase market share through product and patient support services that include specialty nursing, clinical trials support, injection training, clinical consultants, reimbursement programs and home infusions.

Build relationships by promoting healthy living
Health education programs are a great way to simultaneously build relationships and promote healthy living. They can be used in a variety of situations and in many different settings:

•Employers who want to offer a valuable employee benefit and keep their staff healthy.
•Retail businesses that want to offer a unique promotion to their clients.
•Pharmaceutical companies that need to strengthen relationships with retail channel partners.
•Retirement facilities that want to help their residents stay healthy.
•Schools that want to educate their students about healthy lifestyle choices.
Bayshore Home Health offers a range health education programs and can also custom-design new programs for clients. The programs delivered by skilled health professionals include:

•Cholesterol and blood pressure screening
•Coronary health
•Diabetes management
•Skin health/sun safety awareness
•Osteoporosis screening
•Menopause and perimenopause
•Women's health issues
•Breast health awareness
•Flu and hepatitis vaccinations
•Hand cleanliness

When you or a member of your family become reliant on regular dialysis treatments, you need to build your lifestyle around a schedule of pre-arranged appointments that require your regular attendance at a particular place and time in order for you to continue enjoying a healthy and productive life.

This can often mean being tied to the hospital you are assigned by your doctor and, along with hundreds of other patients, being fitted in at times that may not be convenient to you.

This is not the fault of your hospital. It is a reflection of the scarcity of dialysis treatment locations combined with the ever-growing numbers of patients who need to be treated. Demand continues to exceed supply, and this condition is likely to become exacerbated as our society grows steadily older.

Fortunately, some privately run health care facilities are investing in dialysis equipment in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on the public health system. They offer this service within the government system, in addition to serving private patients.

Through your family doctor or specialist, you can arrange to take advantage of our professionally staffed and modern dialysis facilities.
Our dialysis centres are located in Brockville and Stoney Creek, Ontario

Receive Replagal® treatment in the comfort of your own home, according to your own schedule
Bayshore's Replagal (agalsidase alfa) HomePATH Program, sponsored by Shire Human Genetic Therapies, provides home infusion services to patients across Canada with Fabry disease. The HomePATH (Patient Assisted Team Health) Program is a clinical case management program that confidentially and effectively manages all aspects of a Fabry patient's Replagal therapy and associated care.

Replagal is an enzyme replacement therapy that Fabry patients have been prescribed by their physician. The treatment consists of a 40-minute infusion every two weeks. Through our program, patients receive treatment in the privacy of their own homes, at a time that is convenient for them.

Each Fabry patient is assigned a clinical nurse manager who oversees the entire process. When we receive a new referral, our case manager contacts the patient to set up a time for their first infusion, assigns a specially trained nurse, arranges for delivery of infusion supplies and drug to the patient, provides updates to the prescribing physician and follows up regularly with the patient. Our nurses work with all Fabry patients to develop a schedule and care plan tailored to their personal needs.

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