BayShore Home Health, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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A range of integrated pharmaceutical services for health care organizations
Bayshore Specialty Rx, a subsidiary of home and community health care provider Bayshore Home Health, offers a range of integrated pharmaceutical services to clients such as government care programs, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations.

Specialty Pharmacy Services – Provide a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of intravenous and injectable drugs used in areas such as anti-infection therapy, chemotherapy, palliative care, enzyme replacement therapy and TPN (total parenteral nutrition). We also distribute infusion equip­ment and supplies, including innovative ambulatory pumps.

Community Care Clinics – Our network of more than 20 community care clinics across Canada, including 12 in Ontario, offers a convenient and comfortable alternative to the traditional hospital setting for people who require infusion or injection of specialty drugs.

Pharmaceutical Support Services – Help pharmaceutical companies increase market share through product and patient support services that include specialty nursing, clinical trials support, injection training, clinical consultants, reimbursement programs and home infusions.

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