Balance Physiotherapy

Balance Physiotherapy founding partners Sharon Spinder and Tracy Barber share the philosophy that exercise and movement are essential to maintaining a healthy life. This belief, together with their shared values of respect, integrity and high standards of practice (plus a sense of humor!) paved the way for Balance Physio. As well as being practicing clinicians they are both professional educators in their field and work as clinical skills assistants at UBC in the Physiotherapy Masters of Science program.

At Balance, the team of physiotherapists ᅠare dedicated to working with you to improve your mobility. We strive to provide simple effective solutions that work as well as fit into your life and help you achieve your goals. Educated, knowledgeable physiotherapists will apply the best of the art and science of physiotherapy to specifically address your problem. All our physiotherapists maintain and up-date their skills with regular continuing education programs offered through our professional association and other highly regarded health care organizations.

Balance Physiotherapy Practitioners

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